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Each person who comments at Get Along Home is responsible for his or her own conduct. If you say it, you own it. I am not responsible for the words of any other person on this blog. If you’d like to have your comments deleted or your IP banned, do the following things:

  • Say something bad about my children.
  • Threaten me, or any guest blogger, or any other commenter.
  • Post a comment so off-topic or so silly that it is obvious that you either can’t or won’t read the post.
  • Leave a fake email address. You have several ways of contacting me. If you’re keeping your comments honest and respectful, you ought to be willing to allow me to “find” you, as well.
  • Comment on my attitude/choice of words/writing/personality. I won’t tolerate that. Here’s why.
  • Tell me how sure you are that I won’t post your comment. I hate disappointing people almost as much as I hate passive-aggressive guilt maneuvers like saying “I know you won’t post this.”

You won’t be deleted for disagreeing with me. I might even allow you to call me puddin’-head from time to time. I don’t have to be so generous, so don’t abuse the privilege.

Comments on each post will be closed automatically after 5 days. This is partly due to spam, and partly to my short attention span. I just don’t want to talk about things for very long. Get it out of your system quick!

I reserve the right to quote any comment left on this blog and use it in any way I see fit. I also reserve the right to arbitrarily and capriciously ban or delete comments without notice, and for reasons not outlined here. In other words, you don’t really have any rights here. The comment section is a courtesy, not an entitlement.

As my guest, you can expect to be treated thusly:

  • I will not alter your comments. That wouldn’t be very nice of me, would it?
  • The only exception is comments that include urls. Most urls will be removed.
  • I will never abuse your email address by selling it or passing it on to any other entity without your permission. The only purpose for which I will use it is to reply to the comment itself.

You may say what you like, but please know that I will throw you under the bus at the first opportunity if someone tries to blame me for the words of a commenter. I am not your mother. I did not raise you. You’re not my problem. Clear enough? Good. Now Get Along H0me to the front page and leave a comment or two.