Every Time

And I do mean every. single. time. that I sit down to write something, somebody needs me. And by somebody, I mean this guy:

Who is teething, and ravenous, and not napping very well at the moment. And when he doesn’t need me, somebody else does. Also? Laundry. I guess it is possible that I am just a little bit depressed and not really able to focus. The shorter days usually do this to me. Prayers would be appreciated.

I will blog again soon, I promise! (Like you care, right? But I care. I’m promising me. I miss you people.) In the meantime, ponder this with me:

Scented Handle

Ladies shavers with scented handle. For those times when it really matters what the palm of your hand smells like.


  1. Yes, that is something that definitely needs pondering…a LOT of pondering. But, your family and God must come first – not in that order, but you know…I miss your writing…hope you can come back soon.

  2. I miss you!! But those sweet cheeks would win out every time here too. Seriously, he is so adorable!!
    Enjoy him…even if I am over here languishing as I wait for you to post…LOL!!
    And I get that depression thing; been dealing with it for over 20 yrs now myself. The short days don’t do me in though, thankfully. I actually love winter and all that it entails. Of course, I live in the very lower region of SC, so what it typically entails is a jacket every now and then. But I hear it might get really cold here this year. *hoping* *fingers crossed*
    I’ll be anxiously waiting your next hilarious post…

  3. Awwww……babies need mommies :) It’s all good!

    I have to say those shavers are ummm….let me see what is the word? Silly? Ridiculous?

  4. Yep! Same here, no time to blog or do anything. I am actually typing this one handed as I feed the baby. I’m getting pretty good at it actually. What? You don’t periodically run to the bathroom to sniff your razor?

  5. I hear ya. Short days and bitter cold always drag me down. It’s not cold here yet (it dropped to 29 degrees overnight but is still just sweatshirt weather during the day) so I’m still pretty chipper.

    I’m due in January with #6 and am nervous about the baby blues being worse just because it’s winter…and because that is when my husband will be working about 80 hours per week.

    Keep kissing those smooshy cheeks!

  6. You crack me up :) Keep taking care of that precious family of yours!

  7. . . . . . but he’s so dang cute while he’s demanding all your time ;) can’t wait to get my hands on him!

  8. LOL scented palms :). Prayers going out for you!
    Blessings and Love in Christ, Amber Dover

  9. I am new around these parts and am thoroughly enjoying your wit, candor, and wisdom. Thank you for your civility and humor. I needed this post, for I am in this season – weaning baby #6, with the others ages 3-11. I cannot tell when was the last time I got all my laundry put away…but it does help me breathe (and smile, frankly) that someone else has been there and is talking about it!

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