Make the First Day of Homeschool Special

I love the first day of school.  All that back to school excitement brings back fond memories.

When we were homeschooling, I spent several days preparing for that first day.  I wanted it to be special.  Here are the top 5 ways we celebrated the first day of school.

#5  First Day of School Photo

Every year we took a photo in the same place.  Just inside our entry.  When my son was in high school, he automatically went over there for a photo.  I hope to make a scrapbook page with all 12 years of photos….well I can dream, can’t I?

#4  Decorate School Room

Before my kids entered high school, they worked in our office.  Every year, I decorated the room and put their new school supplies on their desk.  I probably had more fun than they did.

With pinterest these days, who knows what I would have done for decorations…so many cool ideas!  I might even try making a chalkboard desk for my schoolroom.

#3  New School Supplies & Clothes

When my kids went to school, I took each one school supply shopping.  When we started homeschooling, I didn’t need as many supplies, so I took them clothes shopping.  I tried to find at least one outfit or cool school supply they really wanted.  That was their treat for back-to-school.

#2  Lunch Date with Mom

I stole this idea from my own mom.  When I was growing up, my mom took each of us kids on a back to school date.  We got to choose where we would eat lunch.  I chose somewhere different every year.

I vividly remember choosing Walgreens in the mall because you could sit in the diner and look into the mall.  They had open windows between the diner and the mall.  So, you could talk to the people walking by your booth.  For a 10 year old, that was pretty cool.

With my own kids, I took each of them individually on a back to school date.  It was our special time before school started.  They chose where we would eat lunch.  Then, we did any back to school shopping that afternoon.  I treasure those times & I know my kids do, too.

#1  First Day of School “Ice Cream for Breakfast”

One year I was reading some fun ideas to do with your kids.  They suggested having something completely shocking for breakfast, like popcorn. That’s where I got the idea to have ice cream sundaes for breakfast on the first day of school.

Let me tell you, my kids were shocked when they came to the breakfast table that first year.  Not only were they shocked, but they were excited.  It quickly became an annual tradition.  For the next 10 or so years, we had ice cream sundaes for breakfast.  Even when Hunter was the only one home and starting his senior year of school, he had an ice cream sundae for his first day of school.

If you’re worried about the health aspects, don’t!  It’s one breakfast out of 365 in a year.  Your kids will love you for it!  And, they will remember their first days of school forever.

How do you celebrate the first day of school? What back to school traditions does your family have

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  • JDaniel4's Mom August 17, 2012, 7:09 am

    Ice cream for breakfast sounds wonderful!

  • Savannah
    Twitter: SavsBlessings
    August 17, 2012, 7:35 am

    I love the ice cream for breakfast idea!

    We got new school supplies and I also put together a gift bag for each school kid and maybe the toddler, depending on age. I put in pencil case, pencils, erasers, crayons, scissors, a new (to them, at least) book..for the toddler, I put in a colouring book. The toddler usually just gets a colouring book, a few crayons, and a storybook..they have more fun with the tissue paper, after all 😛

  • kelli- AdventurezInChildRearing
    Twitter: AdventurzNchild
    August 17, 2012, 5:50 pm

    Ice cream is always welcome! I love the photos too 😉

  • Kerry Beck August 20, 2012, 4:22 pm

    Glad y’all like the ice cream for breakfast idea. I might have it on hand when my son starts college next week.

    Kelli, I’m glad you liked the photos. I had fun finding them in the kids’ scrapbooks. Lots of fun memories.

  • Melissa D August 7, 2013, 5:52 pm

    I love the ice cream for breakfast idea! Super fun! I’m taking the kids out to breakfast, then giving them new supplies. Maybe we’ll have ice cream for lunch 😉