Friday Finds

I’m swamped, over here! My 35-week pregnant body is slowing down and my brain along with it. No matter how sluggish I am, the school must be done. And for some reason these children insist on being fed, clothed, and hugged every single day, no matter how I’m feeling. I’m putting up a few extra meals for the freezer, sorting baby clothes, and doing all that other nesty stuff, as well. All of this means blogging will be pretty light for the next few weeks. I’ll be around, I’m sure, but I make no promises about the quality of the content. (Like I ever did, right?) Enjoy some of these links over the weekend. See ya Monday!

The oldest boy has been doing Apologia Botany, and I really can’t brag about it enough. We love it! Win your own copy of the Exploring Creation with Botany (textbook and notebooking journal) by linking up a gardening post of your own at The Homeschool Village.

We just happened to be reading and notebooking about pollination this week, and the internet was kind enough to drop this link to The Xerces society in my lap just as we were wrapping up this morning. There’s lots to learn here about pollination, pollinators, and pesticides. Take the pledge and save some species!

Live Real, Now explains a few things about flash mobs in Thug-cenomics.

Free Homeschool Deals is a new daily stop for me. Jamerrill digs up lots of free Kindle books, mostly educational or motherhood related, along with other great finds. The Kindle freebies tend to expire quickly, so make sure you check back daily for new links!

My morning would probably have gone a lot more smoothly if I’d taken this advice on what to do with little ones during school hours. We got plenty done, but by the end of it, the toddler was covered in…well, everything. Maybe we’ll just give him some stacking cups next time.

Homeschool Freebie of the Day is giving away a Megabundle of Homeschooling Goodies! (Is it just me, or does that “mega” make it sound like it ought to have a million things in it? Well, it doesn’t, but it is a big prize: $400+ value, so go enter.

Lilla Rose (Gail is a GAH advertiser and friend) is offering free shipping on orders over $20 until tomorrow. Now would be a great time to get that flexi-clip you’ve been wanting. Or the beautiful hair stick things. I just ordered two minis for my little girl, which means I’ve spent my sponsor’s ad money on my sponsor’s product. Funny old world. Stay tuned for a really generous giveaway next week!

Today is the last day to enter for the Premium Pass to the Homeschool How-To Conference. That prize includes a HUGE goodie bag of downloadables, including a full year Bible Curriculum from Foundations Press. Don’t miss your chance to participate!

If that isn’t enough links and things to keep you busy, visit Biblical Christianity for the regular Friday amusements. It wouldn’t feel like Friday without Hither and Thither!

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  • Stacy @Stacy Makes Cents
    Twitter: stacymakescents
    April 28, 2012, 5:56 pm

    I can’t wait till you have this baby! :-) I can’t wait till I have mine too! Woohooo!!!!!

    Oh, and Lila Rose just totally rocks. I’m wearing my clip right now.