4 Moms, 35+ Kids Answer Your Parenting Questions

I expect you all already know who the 4 Moms are, right? The ones with 35 kids and a couple more on the way? If not, get out from under your rock and get to know them! Smockity Frocks, Life in a Shoe, Raising Olives, and The Common Room have been staples of my blog reading for years. In fact, I’ve known (in a harmless internet stalker kind of way) KimC and The Deputy Headmistress since my first son was still very small and I had just started reading homeschool blogs. Connie and Kimberly are also long-time daily reads, and full of wisdom and encouragement. I love these moms! And now they have an ebook!

I had put off buying 4 Moms of 35+ Kids Answer Your Parenting Questions because I’ve followed the blog series since the beginning, and couldn’t imagine paying for something I’d already read. Well, silly me. If Connie hadn’t offered me a free copy for review, I’d have missed out on a blessing.

Turns out they’ve got the series tidied up into a more readable format and even thrown in some bonus printables at the end. It could be that there’s new material in there, too, since there was a lot of stuff I don’t remember reading, but I can’t say for sure. I spent a whole afternoon shirking my chores so I could read the ebook, and I really can’t say enough good things about it.

No matter how many kids you have, these moms have plenty of advice and encouragement for you on everything from getting projects done with little ones hanging around to explaining the birds and the bees. I love the way each mom’s personality shines through in her writing, yet all of them keep Christ at the center of their attention.

Speaking of personalities, all these years I’ve been thinking of the DHM as a calm, patient, dignified mama who never loses her cool (kinda like Marmee in Little Women), and wishing, oh, just wishing, that I could be more like I imagined her to be, only to find that she is…well…not:

At our house five minutes after we should have already left the driveway, you know who’s running around like a wild thing, hair unbrushed, barefoot, and still trying to button her blouse straight while shouting, “Has anybody seen my PURSE? I can’t find my SHOES!!! Would SOMEBODY PLEASE find my cell PHONE? Why isn’t my Kindle EVER where it BELONGS?!!!”

OK, so we have more in common than I thought. Between this, and her harrowing story about a situation with a child and a van door, I am encouraged. Yes, I know we shouldn’t rejoice in other people’s weaknesses, but do you know what this means? This means there is hope for my children!

4 Moms of 35+ Kids Answer Your Parenting Questions is chock full of answers for families with all sorts of struggles, from how to handle holidays with extended family to Sunday morning tardiness. Even if you’re like me, and have followed the series from the beginning, there’s bound to be something new in there. These ladies have weathered the storms of motherhood, and if you’re smart enough to take their advice, you might be able to learn enough from their experience to make your own life a little easier.

You can buy 4 Moms of 35+ Kids Answer Your Parenting Questions for $7.99, and yes, those links are affiliate links. If you buy the book, I get a portion of the proceeds at no extra cost to you.

(If you don’t like the idea of affiliate sales, here’s a non-affiliate link so you can buy the book without padding my pockets in the process. I don’t know why you’d want to do that, but I guess you should have the option. I don’t care how you buy the book. Just buy it!)


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  • Rebecca April 3, 2012, 7:15 am

    hmmm….so, do you want me to use your affiliate link or someone elses? Me, I believe in supporting my momma friends….so, I’ll use your link…and I’ll buy it! (btw, I have one of those van stories, too)!

    • Cindy April 3, 2012, 7:17 am

      Use mine! I just put that in there because I know there are some people who don’t believe a review if the reviewer profits from it. Like, well, me. I don’t trust people with skin in the game. But it really is a good book! 😉

  • Smockity Frocks
    Twitter: SmockityFrocks
    April 3, 2012, 10:20 am

    Thank you, Cindy!

    The never before seen material in the book is:

    *Master list of age appropriate chores
    *How to deal with discouragement
    *How to keep things fair of all children
    *Sermon notes printable for non-readers

  • Kimberly @ Raising Olives
    Twitter: raisingolives
    April 3, 2012, 11:08 am

    Thanks for the review, Cindy. :) So happy to see that the ebook is a blessing to others!!

    • Cindy April 3, 2012, 6:05 pm

      You 4 moms are awesome!

  • Stacy @Stacy Makes Cents
    Twitter: stacymakescents
    April 3, 2012, 9:00 pm

    Someone has problems with affiliate links? Good grief. People have ISSUES.

    • Cindy April 3, 2012, 9:13 pm

      Yes, people complain about that. Really, how can they trust a review when the person is trying to sell them something? I can kinda see the point, so I give them the option of not feeding my already gigantic bank account. Really. I don’t need the money.<---LYING

  • DHM
    Twitter: DHMRS
    April 5, 2012, 12:11 am

    Aw, thank-you so much!! I am both deeply touched and laughing hysterically at the thought of being considered calm.;-D

  • Janice April 12, 2012, 4:09 pm

    Thanks for your post. I’m late to the comments, but I’ve been reading through what you (and other commenters) have been saying today as I’ve been feeling some conviction in this area lately.
    Before I got married, I researched BC enough to know that I could not use the pill, a shot, or an IUD, or any method that allowed or might allow an egg to be fertilized but left an inhospitable or impossible environment for implanting. My husband-to-be agreed with me on this. With that in mind, we decided on a combination of a generic average calendar and condoms. Although we’ve been fairly happy/successful with it, I’ve been meeting some challenges about BC again recently.
    I had twins a little before our 3rd anniversary and had our 3rd girl a little after our 4th anniversary. (I’m not one of those “fortunate” ones who can depend on exclusively breastfeeding to “naturally” space their children more comfortable ages apart. I would have had that 3rd by the twins 1st birthday if I’d gone that route. As it was, they’re only 16 1/2 months apart.) I’m now at a more comfortable stage where my kids are getting bigger and I’m not quite so bedraggled by bitty ones- the twins are 3 (will be 4 in august) and my single is 2 (will be 3 just before Christmas). Things are still very busy, but easier to manage. I’ve been grateful for the “break” (and nothing I can do will change that), but looking at the future, I’m wondering if I should rethink my position- and ask hubby to rethink as well. We both agree we’re not done, but I think we need to discuss again the when and how.
    Complication number One- I had a C-section with the twins, and no one around here does a VBAC, so I had to travel over an hour to (successfully!) have a VBAC with my 3rd- which will always have to be my option-including prenatal visits- if I want to continue with VBACs (I plan to)). Complication number Two- Busy-ness. Lots of projects, interests, and demands. I look at it and don’t know how in the world we’d be able to manage it all.
    Regardless, I just wanted to thank you for facilitating some discussion on BC to help me sort through some more of my thoughts and spur me on to research it and pray about it some more. I’m not entirely sure where I’ll end up on this- some of it will be determined by my husband, but I’ve been influenced a lot by what you and some others (including 4 moms, 35+ kids) have said. I especially appreciate the willingness of all of you to be “real”- as in you aren’t a supermom or have unusual amounts of patience and mothering ability innately. That makes me feel a lot less intimidated if facing the potential of a large family!