Motherhood Changes Things

I’m over at Momformation, the Baby Center blog today, talking about how becoming a mother changed me. Since the Momformation editors give me a word limit, I didn’t include the deeper fact that, while motherhood has certainly made some positive changes in my life, those changes weren’t inevitable. In fact, I’ve seen motherhood do precisely the opposite to some women. Faced with the prospect of caring for another human being, many women become less responsible, weaker, and more selfish. I’ve witnessed it with my own two (beam-filled, I’m sure) eyes.

It requires something greater than the mere presence of children in the home to turn a woman into a strong, Biblical mother. The Holy Spirit has effected great change in my life through my children. Motherhood itself doesn’t sanctify. Just so you know. Winking smile

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I’ve been a pretty busy mama this week. You can also find me at High Country Mom Squad today, talking homeschool stuff.

Monday, I had a post at the About One blog, In a Nutshell, about how to get started with a budget. Because You Need a Budget! (Follow that last affiliate link and get a free 34 day trial of my favorite software.)

Last week, and too late now to do you any good, I posted What to Get a Homeschool Mom for Christmas. (Sorry, I keep forgetting to link these things.)

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends, and a happy, happy New Year!

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